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Company without a service phone?


To give you the best of the best service, contact us via Email and the Ticket option.
A good workflow is crucial in the production industry, orders will get the proper attention by using the Email and Ticket option.
This will give you the clearest answers and we can offer more in less time.
Also all the Email and Ticket communications are archived for future purposses, a come in handy for your coworkers. Last but not least it makes problems come to surface, and can be dealt with and solved accordingly.
Ofcourse, service by phone is a time-consuming business

JK does not give a call at all?

No direct service by phone does not mean we do not have a phone or never call at all. If, at a certain point during the process, it is neseccary to give service personally our employee will get in contact by phone!
But using Email has our preference.
During the development of a product a lot of questions need to be dealt with and solved, our experience is that the customer wants a proper and clear email which can be answered to with a sedated and clear state of mind.


How I reach you guys?

There are 2 options;

1. Ticket. Use the customer portal to get a ticket.

2. Send an email: