Cable Assembly

We assemble a wide range of cables that meet the highest quality standards.

High quality standards

We assemble conform the highest standards.

True Quality

After production each and every cable will be tested using our KCTS Tester before it can leave our workshop.


Custom Housing

Do your requirements just not perfectly fit in? We are able to make a custom housing.

3D model

Products are based on a 3D model made in SolidWorks.

Proactive in the Design

We think along in every step through the development of your product. Only than it will meet your requirements.

Odoo afbeelding en tekstblok

Custom Online

When a custom product is being developed, all information is available at your very own Person Portal Account. The Account gives the option to:

  • Look at bill of baterial (BOM) lists. 

  • Download product designs.

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Rack Panels

We make custom built 19 inch panels

Our Design.

Fitment garanteed

Modern Production

Our CNC portal Mill machine provides fast and very accurate products.

Finishing touches 

We offer all different kind of finishes, eg Powdercoating and anodizing.

Total solutions

All disciplines and experiences combined gives us the ability to make a complete absolute product.


We Design, Produce, and Deliver your conception.


Professional Advice

Making the right choices through our extended experiences Onze ervaring helpt ons de juiste keuzes voor u op een rij te zetten. 


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